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The Everest tiny house: a 330 sq ft home that's currently available for sale for $54,000!

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How will you get hot water in your tiny house? In this post, I'll show you how to choose the best tiny house hot water heater for your needs.

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Tiny Heirloom is a tiny house builder that specializes in luxury tiny homes on wheels in Portland, Oregon. They have more than a decade of construction experience and are focused on offering depend…

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This quick read will provide confidence to even the most novice of tiny house builders when it comes to installing tiny house electrical wiring.

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japanese style tiny house by oregon cottage company 4 Your Own Tea Room in a 134 Sq. Ft. Japanese Tiny Home?

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Any toilet system will work for microhousing connected to traditional sewer/water hookups. When these are not available (such as in a tiny house/RV on wheels), there are three main toilet options:...

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One of my favorite tiny house builders is Abel Zyl of Zyl Vardos. He is a creative genious and has come up with some very unique tiny homes on wheels. Be sure and check out his web page Zyl Vardos. He just completed his latest called the MoonDragon and is getting ready to deliver it …

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Derek “Deek” Diedricksen has dedicated much of his life to creating eccentric dwellings, like this one. Now he’s getting some mainstream love. Here, he teamed up with HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders." Constructed in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, the “Glass House” has a facade made entirely of reclaimed windows, with its own distinctive style. Enchanting Glass House Built In Just Four Days | Tiny Homes

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This is the heater that I will replace my #dickinson #tinyhouse heater with. Learn how to choose the right heater for your tiny house: http://www.thetinyhouse.net/how-to-choose-the-right-heater-for-your-tiny-house/

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