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Tiny homes have taken on a new meaning in the lives of young people all over the world In a day and age where affordable housing is practically a thing of the past, Ti..


The 500-square-foot home was handcrafted by local builder Kevin Thomas from old tobacco barns, 1920s windows and river rocks.


Photos of a Tiny Log Cabin Home | The Final Installment of the Log Home Diary - -


The Perfect Log Cabin Log homes are one of the most resistant types of home and they are also very affordable. For centuries, people around the world have been living in log homes and they seem to be quite popular nowadays too. This next cute tiny log home would be perfect for a small family who has a love for rustic and traditional designs. The log house has been made of the highest quality wood, so it can resist in any weather condition for a long period of time. See more at…


Nothin' fancy for this old girl, this cabin is my dream home. But the thing that makes it just radiate love and a the lighting. Lighting is SO important if we want our homes to be warm and fuzzy. And we talk about making our homes warm and fuzzy and so much more in my daily blog Bird's Eye View of the Katydid