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Silk bio-ink could help advance tissue engineering using 3-D printers | Advances in 3-D printing have led to new ways to make bone and some other relatively simple body parts that can be implanted in patients. But finding an ideal bio-ink has stalled progress toward printing more complex tissues with versatile functions — tissues that can be loaded with pharmaceuticals, for example. [Bioprinting: 3D Printing…


Cyanuric acid is commonly used to stabilize chlorine in pools. Researchers have found that this molecule can also be used to coax DNA into forming a brand new structure: a triple helix. They envisage a variety of applications from medicinal chemistry to tissue engineering and materials science

Forget solid, liquid, and gas: there are in fact more than 500 phases of matter -In a major paper in Science, Perimeter Faculty member Xiao-Gang Wen reveals a modern reclassification of all of them.