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When [Chris’s dad] came back to the kitchen, Selena and I were paying bills. We both had our checkbooks out on the kitchen table. Seeing that made my dad laugh and get his camera. “Here,” he said, aiming the camera in our direction. “I want to get pictures of you two paying bills like grown-ups and being so responsible.” That was the very last picture ever taken of Selena alive. - Chris Perez, To Selena, With Love


Selena Quintanilla A legend A Tejano singer with beautiful amazing music! She touched the hearts of people of all ages even now! I love her music! Shall she forever Rest In Peace !!!!


stillldreamingofyou: “Even on the bus, Selena often sat in the back with her mother. Marcella and Selena could sit on the sofa back there and talk for hours. Sometimes Selena would lie with her head on her mom’s lap, while Marcella played with Selena’s hair or massaged her scalp. I’d walk back there sometimes and Selena would have this glazed look, like a cat. She was always Marcella’s beloved baby girl.” - Chris Perez [To Selena, With Love]


Confidence Knowing With Certainty . Allows AnyOne and all Of Us To take The Stage@SomeStage Of TheNuGame..... ListenUp.. iHaveSomethingTo Say.. (Smiles) Its Epic U Will Love It and Its ComingSoon. 38 23


happy 24th birthday selena marie gomez. you will always be my biggest inspiration & idol ever. i love you unconditionally and thank you so so much for making me feel confident & happy with myself. your music is so meaningful and i can relate to a lot of it. you make me smile & i just love everything about you! i hope you had an incredible day! xoxo, kira (clouhdy)


selena is my favorite singer's of all time i feel like besides her career she was just so laid back and normal that didn't take her fame to her head like most these day's wish she was still living it would be awesome to see and hear her music again..R.I.P