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LOOK: 19 Reasons Selena Will Never Be Forgotten

To Selena, With Love by Chris Perez ~ This book was written about the famous singer, Selena, by her husband/fellow bandmate Chris Perez. It is such a beautiful book so far that really captures their relationship on and off stage! :) awww


@harpergracexo: so thankful i got to share an amazing thanksgiving with my girls and the rest of my second family. (ft. max ruining the girls photo lol…..) love you guys bunches. xo.


When [Chris’s dad] came back to the kitchen, Selena and I were paying bills. We both had our checkbooks out on the kitchen table. Seeing that made my dad laugh and get his camera. “Here,” he said, aiming the camera in our direction. “I want to get pictures of you two paying bills like grown-ups and being so responsible.” That was the very last picture ever taken of Selena alive. - Chris Perez, To Selena, With Love


selena gomez. my role model. it's so nice to hear and know that there's others out there that struggle with anxiety and depression. loved her ama speech, so proud


Selena Quintanilla A legend A Tejano singer with beautiful amazing music! She touched the hearts of people of all ages even now! I love her music! Shall she forever Rest In Peace !!!!


This it to the amazing woman that got me threw elementary school and life and taught me to stay calm and that I'm perfect. Thank you Selena. I will never forget you nor stop loving you. I've always looked for an idol and she was sitting right there in front of me with Harper ;) I love you. Thank you @Elena Kovyrzina Gomez


✨Selena Doll! I'd totally play pretend with my very own SELENA doll! Sing along to the songs & have her dance! I LOVE IT!