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Loved all the flowers today ... thank you! Tonight and Monday, let's do art by KARIN JURICK. (Thanks for the suggestion, Bonnie!)


The Miracle of the Sun is an event that was witnessed by as many as 100,000 people in 1917 on October 13th in Fatima, Portugal. The miracle was told by Lúcia Santos and her cousins, siblings Jacinta and Francisco Marto. in the area that it would arrive on the above date at noon who were given this information by Our Lady of Fatima, one claim that most newspapers claimed was ridiculous, however, people flocked to the area on the off chance that the miracle did occur.

from the Guardian

Hair apparent: Clint Eastwood denies being Stan Laurel's son

At last, it's official: Clint Eastwood is not Stan Laurel's son. Well, at least, he says he isn't. Perhaps one of the more unlikely urban myths (but Google the protagonists' names and you'll see how widespread it is), the Dirty Harry star has long had his parentage disputed by people who saw two film stars with tufty hair and came to the inevitable conclusion. In an interview reprinted in today's Sun newspaper, however, Eastwood has taken the opportunity to set the record straight…


@Karen Collins @Megan Collins We need to get some professional photography going for this kids. They should be the most documented collins children yet.


To be filed under the 'NO SHIT, SHERLOCK' label. Today's Sun newspaper in the UK runs with the front page headline, 'SWINE FLU, A 'FALSE PANDEMIC' TO SELL VACCINES, EXPERT CLAIMS.