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Today is National Underwear Day! Sew your own

Underwear and lingerie sewing resources including a free pattern for some Victoria Secret style lacy panties


Yorkshire pudding

Today is National Yorkshire pudding day. A perfect day to serve this British classic side dish with a delicious Sunday roast and vegetables.


12 Must-Try Baked Donut Recipes

Did you know today is National Donut Day? Depending on where you live, you can score up to six free donuts today. None of the free donut locations are anywhere near me. I won’t be scoring any free donuts today, but donuts are still on my mind. Have you noticed how... #baking #dessert #donuts


Pray for the leaders of all nations (more than 200 globally) - God has a plan for each and every nation and it's people ~ ALL races belong to God - He created them for His Purpose. HE LOVES ALL and wants His believers to intercede fervently with His Love - by this we are known as His disciples! JESUS IS LORD!! May the harvest of souls come from every nation into the arms of their creator!

29 Things You Should Know About Beer, For National American Beer Day (INFOGRAPHIC)

29 Things You Should Know About Beer, For National American Beer Day (INFOGRAPHIC)

Beer. It's Red Stripe! (And a ton of others). Beer's been around for over years. Was mostly brewed by women, is now brewed in the White House, and great quantities seem to disappear in facial hair. Those are just a few small facts today's infog


18 Amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for National Grilled Cheese Day

It is National Grilled Cheese Month –Yum! There is a good chance I am going to have each of them this month. Which one will you be trying? Spicy Grilled Cheese Southwestern Grilled Cheese Sandwich Avocado and Jalapeno […]


Bavarian Cream Pie - Today is National Bavarian Cream Pie Day and this is a nice simple recipe that goes way back according to my mom’s recipe box.


Re: Oven Fried Chicken Wings

Today is National Chicken Wing day! I love wings!! But I hate deep frying because my whole house smells for a week. I found a recipe for oven fried wings on the Internet. I was a doubting Thomas but boy o’boy they were awesome!!! Crispy on the outside tender on the inside. The secret weapon...Ba...