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Deluxe Metatarsal Cushion SMALL by Pedifix. $4.95. Features a nylon cover for extra durability.. Great for thin-soled footwear.. Soft, double-layer foam pad stays securely in place with a comfortable toe loop.. Provides extra ball-of-foot padding.. Deluxe Metatarsal Cushion has two layers of soft polyfoam to provide extra plantar padding for the metatarsal heads. It absorbs shock and reduces friction to help ease pain and prevent calluses. Cushion slips on over the toe to stay ...


Why go barefoot when you can protect your feet? Check out the Full Body FootUndeez ! Style #H07FB


Heel to Toe Callus Shaver by Heel to Toe. $4.29. Removes calluses. Leaves feet smooth. Shaves away dead skin on feet. Heel to Toe Callus Shaver for use in the spa or at home.


Here’s Mary’s final word on foot placement: “Establish the habit of feet together with ‘toes straight ahead’ for smartness, and you will have less foot trouble throughout your life. Though not seen, corns and calluses mar your beauty, because foot pains leave telltale lines in your face.”


Heel to Toe Callus Remover You seriously need one of these. And not just for sandal season. This makes you feet so soft, you'll hardly believe it.