For handmade dolls that have interchangeable eyes and mouths, visit!
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Daily Montessori - great ideas on not just activities to do with kids of certain ages; but how to set up living and play areas to best encourage development of certain skills.

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Increasing Confidence and Self-Esteem During Toilet Training: How toilet training is handled has an impact on our little ones emotional development - Tips on how we can support them.

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Is my child eating enough? Great Article by: Dr. Barton D. Schmitt, MD about eating habits and what parents can do to avoid table time struggles.

Therapics Toilet training kit - A nice clear set of visuals including a reward chart and social story booklet.

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Practical Ways To Help Three Year Old Children At Home. 10 Montessori methods to help a child under 3 at home.

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Potty training is happening in my home once again. Layah has been working on how to use the potty for a month, now. I should probably mention for all the new readers out there that Layah is just shy of 16 months old. Do you think I’m crazy/silly/delusional for potty training such a young toddler? …

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