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3 - THREE - OBGYNs told me the same thing.<<my friend who possibly had breast cancer was denied breast reduction surgery on the possibility of having kids when she's older (she's15)

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My mam just said we could do what we liked to each other as long as she wasn't there, and if she was there she'd give out to all of us...

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Thank you instead of I'm sorry

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"I'm on my period & today I bled through to the couch. When I noticed I started freaking out & my boyfriend told me to go get cleaned up & he would take care of it. When I came back the stain was gone."

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38 Amazing Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

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This Teen Decided To Re-Create A Painting On Her Leg Instead Of Self-Harming

This Teen Decided To Recreate A Painting On Her Leg Instead Of Self Harming

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"I told a girl I saw smoking on the corner she was too pretty to smoke. I saw her heart break through her eyes."

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"Told my cat "You're so pretty." She turned towards me and hissed."

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"Last night I ordered a pizza around 11 pm so I told the guy on the phone that my roommates are sleeping and if he could text me when he got to my house. That's how I got the hot pizza delivery guys #"

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