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Toledos stocking

Eleonora de Toledo stockings : 44 before and after restoration photos. If link fails : Garments : Calze-stockings

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Eleonora's Stocking closeup

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August 1562 Florence, (Eleonora's red silk knitted stockings): Once Elizabeth wore a pair of knitted stockings, she loved them so much that she had an Italian knitter brought to England.

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Stockings of Eleonora de Toledo, 1562 The stocking are knitted in silk yarn with a great variety of different stitches, indicating the work of a skilled professional. " Moda a Firenze 1540 - 1580, Roberta Orsi Landini and Bruna Niccoli, Edizioni Polistampa, Florence, 2005

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Liz Pearson's redaction for the 16th century Eleanora de Toledo stockings: Via flickr and ravelry

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