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Tom Hardy Sarah Ward

Tattoos on Tom Hardy…(1/2) < Meanings of Tom Hardy’s Tattoo > 1. A Leprechaun (Tom got this one at 15, an ode to his Irish heritage on his mother’s side) 2. some artisan design 3. “Till I die SW” (for his ex-wife Sarah Ward) 4. A large dragon (an ode to his now ex-wife Sarah Ward, who was born in the year of the dragon) with “Lindy King” (Tom’s long time agent. Tom has pormised he’d get a tattoo if Lindy got him into Hollywood) 5. Scor


tom hardy and Linda Park -Rachael Speed ( mother of Louis) - Sarah Ward-Charlotte Riley

from Look Magazine

Tom Hardy: 70 Things You NEED To Know

Article from UK Look magazine - 70 things you didn't know about Tom Hardy. Tom's been married once - he wed Sarah Ward in 1999, three weeks after meeting her in Covent Garden. The couple divorced in 2004. (Three weeks! He definitely has a thing for slim brunettes.)