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Tom Holland Historian

tom holland's life is threatened because he reveals the beginning of islam

Tom Holland, the TV and radio historian and author of the prize-winning Rubicon, says he had the completely wrong idea about Christianity.

Herodotus: A Historian for All Time in History Today by Paul Cartledge. He writes about the new translation of The Histories coming out, translation by Tom Holland.

Islam: The Untold Story (Historian Tom Holland) - YouTube

By The Numbers - The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics - YouTube

Many historians are challenging long-held opinions of the origins of Islam. Tom Holland examines whether the religion was born fully formed or if it evolved over many years.

Mutilate the past and you cripple the future - If Isis destroys Palmyra, ancient symbol of a rich and pluralist Syria, it will be a disaster, writes the historian Tom Holland

Tom Holland: We must not deny the religious roots of Islamic State Its jihadis call for a global caliphate. So why deny religion drives Isis? 3/17/15 NewStatesman

On 29 February 2016, BBC2's Newsnight invited two historians, Donna Murch and Tom Holland, to explore historical analogies for the Trump phenomenon. Was he a bit like Hitler or Mussolini? Murch, though admitting that "it's hard to find a perfect historical analogy," proposed 1960s segregationalist George Wallace. Holland plumped for the Emperor Nero...

Islam: The Untold Story - documentary. Historian Tom Holland explores how a new religion - Islam - emerged from the seedbed of the ancient world, and asks what we really know for certain about the rise of Islam.