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Tom Horn in 1903 while imprisoned awaiting execution in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Here he is with the rope he was making for his own gallows.


PART 3 IN NEW ONLINE SERIES (ABADDON ASCENDING)—How Resurrection ‘Science’ Works? To Raise Rephaim… and King of Abyss » SkyWatchTV

Steve Quayle & Tom Horn on The Hagmann Report 11/28/16 - YouTube

Bill Maher and the Apocalyptic Predictive Programming of Films

Bill Burr exposes Clinton & Bilderberg on Conan O’Brien November 12, 2016 By IlluminatiWatcher Leave a Comment Comedian Bill Burr was a guest on Conan O’Brien’s show (“Conan“) on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016. He was asked his feelings on the new U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and he made some interesting comments about Clinton while suggesting that she was part of the Illuminati affiliated group known as the Bilderbergs.

The superstar with his dog Junior, who was part shepherd and part collie. Junior was protective of his owner and was a known biter, but McQueen loved him dearly. Barbara Minty McQueen says Junior perished in the Arizona desert, most likely eaten by a pack of wolves. She said Steve looked for him for days, and that was the only time she witnessed her husband cry. – By Barbara Minty McQueen –


Kanye West: The Rise and Fall of an Illuminati Mind Controlled Alien December 2, 2016 By IlluminatiWatcher

TOM HORN (1980) - Former Army scout (Steve McQueen) is hired by Wyoming cattle ranchers to kill rustlers in the area - Also stars: Screenplay by Thomas McGuane & Bud Shrake - Directed by William Wiard - Warner Bros. - Publicity Still.