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Billionaire Green Activist Steyer Vows To Battle Trump, Says Money Not An Issue | The Huffington Post

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Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer, who has spent more than $140 million on fighting climate change, said on Tuesday he will spend whatever it takes to fight President-elect Donald Trump's pro-drilling and anti-regulation agenda.


A billionaire hedge fund maestro on a mission to combat climate change is looking to up the ante. Tom Steyer, a 56-year old Democrat who accumulated more than $1.5 billion as founder of Farallon Capital Management, is galvanizing donors to raise as much as $100 million. His mission is to enact climate change measures through a campaign of attack ads aimed mostly at Republican lawmakers.


The left's secret club. From top left, clockwise: Tom Steyer, Valerie Jarrett, Alison Lundergan Grimes, Bill de Blasio, David Axelrod and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are shown in this composite. | AP Photos


Tom Steyer inserts climate change into politics with heated Colorado race

Liberal Billionaire Registers 1 Million New Millennial Voters To Oppose Trump vote-polling-placeEnvironmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer claims he registered more than 1 million new voters Monday who are committed to voting against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Leftist Democrat Billionaire & Climate Con Artist Extraordinaire Tom Steyer Is Now America's Top Political Donor. A billionaire who can afford to dump millions to play in politics is willing to 'spend what it takes' to make energy costs soar for hard-working Californians. After all, he's already promised to 'penalize' those who don't agree with his out-of-touch agenda. Ummm, not out-of-touch as much as 'lying a$$hole' agenda.


Tom Steyer and the seemingly boundless hypocrisy of liberals-Another billionaire liberal, another case of hypocrisy. He made his billions on coal, and now wants to make sure no one else can--Allen B. West -


ThinkProgress Claims It Didn’t Try To Torpedo Climate Scientist’s Career Tom Steyer Tom Steyer ThinkProgress’s editor in chief pushed back against claims he coordinated efforts to take down a climate scientist who had previously written pieces critical of global warming.


Tom Steyer Polling and pundits are slowly beating the drum of imminent Democrat defeat in the midterms more than five months from Election Day. In fact, nearly every report from Fox News to MSNBC has practically sealed the coffin on the Democrat majority