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Tom Steyer and the seemingly boundless hypocrisy of liberals-Another billionaire liberal, another case of hypocrisy. He made his billions on coal, and now wants to make sure no one else can--Allen B. West -


Dem Megadonor Tom Steyer Gives Millions More To Bolster Ground Game

Tom Steyer Wants To Nullify The Bill Of Rights To Get Other People’s Money Out…

from ABC News

Tom Steyer vs. The Koch Brothers: 2014's Battle of the Billionaires



Tom Steyer: Americans Won't Believe in Climate Change 'If You Talk in Generalities'


Tom Steyer: The Wrath of a Green Billionaire

Tom Steyer: a Green Billionaire


Tom Steyer: Meet the Billionaire Obama and Reid Listen To It's none of this man's business if the Keystone XL pipeline is approved or not.

THE LYING SEASON: Lying Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer has pledged to raise and spend at least $100 million this election cycle to defeat any Republican candidate in any state who disputes or is skeptical of the global climate change religion sweeping masses of useless idiots everywhere. Big Climate has become the new fascism, and he is its funding fuhrer. It’s worth noting that Steyer isn’t attacking ANY Democrat climate skeptics. Tom Steyer v. Scott Brown #p2 #tcot


How America Rising Ties the GOP Establishment to the Stalkers Harassing Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer | DeSmogBlog

Steyer Successfully Buys Keystone Opposition