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michellehv2: “ Tom Wlaschiha ”

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Tom Wlaschiha at the “Filmbörse Berlin” in March 2016. Enjoy :) #TomWlaschiha #Gameofthrones #Jaqenhghar #filmbörseberlin

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This pic is what made me decide I wanted to write THIS Jaqen based off of Tom Wlaschiha rather than Teo Theodoridis (Teo is my inspiration for Jaqen in The Assassin's Apprentice)

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A man has a beautiful eyes… Another beautiful portrait of Tom Wlaschiha by André Röhner! Enjoy!

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Tom Wlaschiha: The Highlight of Game of Thrones Season 2.

Game of Thrones Portrait Thomas "Tom" Wlaschiha JaQen H'ghar Valar Morghulis . Valar Dohaeris

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Beautiful photos of Tom Wlaschiha at the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere in Munich for SkySource: “ Fun fact: He refused to sit on the Iron Throne. Not even for a press pic. ” “With many thanks to the lovely...

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Portrait of Tom Wlaschiha by Marcus Höhn