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Early traditional wedding ceremony, Samoa // Samoans and Tongan culture still dress very traditionally when it comes to ceremonies. I mixture of textures and layers around the waist creates a visually dynamic silhouette. This way of presenting the body is definitely helps to form the foundation for future designs


In our culture it's really rude to have conversations with your elders if you're standing while they're seated. If you dare to be so inappropriate like that in a very traditional Samoan household, look out for flying saucers (followed by tea-cups, or spoons, etc.) aimed at your head. To show respect, you try to speak with someone at the same eye level, or better yet, position yourself at a lower angle. If your ...


This is a picture of Tongan men performing a traditional war dance called, Kailao. This picture makes me feel so overjoyed because it brings back a lot of memories growing up and embracing my culture, and it's something that I'll treasure forever. There are many cultures out there that we don't know about . So I think it's important to learn and understand someone's culture before judging them so in that way they feel like they matter and that society cares about them.