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15 Tips for More Powerful Portraits

15 Tips for More Powerful Portraits. A Post By: Oded Wagenstein.

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A cropped VLC snap from my shitty taped copy of "Tony Greco Fitness". *If anybody has a good copy, let me know.*

Get Lean Legs like Carrie Underwood

Get strong, sexy, lean legs like Carrie Underwood with these expert workout tips. One of her trainers suggests a series of lunges, squats, stepups and toe taps along with a balanced diet to get your thighs and butt trim and toned.

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The Absolute Best Bikini Workout Is Here!

Call him the Bikini Whisperer: Tony Greco is the trainer who transformed Carrie Underwood's body from post-Idol cutie to beach goddess. So of course we...

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Foundation to fight obesity in children, started by Tony Greco (Ottawa)

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Greco Lean and Fit Centres» Live Lean, Live Fit, Live Well. Canada's Fitness Specialist Tony Greco and NHL Hockey Trainer. Off-Ice Hockey Tr...

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