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Priorities: When soemone tells you they are too "busy"... It's not a reflection of their schedule; it's a reflection of YOUR post on their schedule.- Steve Maraboli

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No one is ever too busy to send a text or reply, never again. You dont reply i will back off big time. More

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Fitness: How to workout at home and maximize the outcome.

Get up an hour early each day. That's 7 extra hours a week, 30 extra hours a month! Work on your plan, refine your vision, use that time to learn and grow.

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I hate when people say they're "too busy." It's such a bullshit excuse. Like no, it's all about priorities. I'm busy too but I make you a priority in my life while I'm just an option in yours.

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Sylvester McNutt | Too Busy vs Make Time More

No one is too busy #quotes More

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Lessons Learned in Life | People make time for who they want to.

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Are You Rested?

Are You Rested? -- a devotion dealing with busy-ness.

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Our favourite inspirational quotes typography posters on Pinterest- 1

He used to always make this excuse. About being too busy to communicate with his friends and I.

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