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Super Soft Red and Chocolate Brown Above Average Alien Classic mature

Cast in my super soft firmness (OO30, comparable to fresh gummy candy although bouncier), this Above Average Alien is a chocolate color for Discount Chocolate Day ("DCD"). It's a loose pour of a milk chocolate and cherry red. ---------------------------------- The Above Average Alien was one of my earliest works, and went alongside with the original Average Alien. Recently I have decided that the original sculpture (with polymer clay - it is smooth and has some fingerprints) was good enough to stand on its own in my current lineup. A base was hastily added for safety purposes. Due to the thin portion behind the ridges it has a tendency to buckle in soft firmnesses, so is not ideal for riding. AAA's gentle, rounded yet defined features are excellent for frontal wall stimulation, whether you are aiming for the g-spot or a general massage, and it offers the same benefit while used for prostate stimulation. Approximate dimensions: Total length: 8.5" Useable length: 8" Circumference around glans: 5" Circumference around ridges: 5.5" Narrowest width: 1.5" Widest: 2" (3" wide nearest base) Base: 3 by 3.75" As each toy is hand-cast in platinum cure silicone, some variation may be present. This listing is for the in-stock toy in the non-comparison photos (first comparison is against current Average Alien, second is against a 12oz ((not 8.4oz)) can of The Best Energy Drink). DamnAverage 2016

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Watermelon Wiggle Handmade 6" dildo

Watermelon Wiggle Handmade 6 dildo. Medical grade epoxy coating.

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Unicorn Tail! Royal blue and purple suede leather, with raspberry pink 5" plug insert. Doubles as flogger

Unicorn Tail! Royal blue and purple suede leather, with raspberry pink 5" plug…