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Tooth decay is not caused by bacteria, and that is why brushing and flossing don't work too often to reverse tooth decay. Tooth cavities a sign of deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins and water soluble minerals in our diet. Changing the mineral content of your blood by changing your diet and improving your mineral absorption will, in a high percentage of people, remineralize teeth :: Image of full remineralization of child's teeth

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Cure Tooth Decay Naturally

Gout is classified as a metabolic disorder which results in joint inflammation. Joint inflammation is often caused by extensive uric acid.

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heart 32 what the dental community does not want patients to know...first HINT, does your toothpaste have glycerin in it? are you aware what glycerin actually does for your teeth?

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Restore Tooth Enamel

"Cure cavities & repair tooth decay naturally" video at end. 3 Ways to Restore Tooth Enamel - wikiHow

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Cavities are a type of tooth decay that occur when acid that destroys the enamel of the tooth as well as the underlying layer, the dentin is produced by specific types of bacteria. Although it is believed that once tooth decay occurs, it can not be reversed, that is not true. There are several possibilities …

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(A) A small spot of decay visible on the surface of a tooth. (B) The radiograph reveals an extensive region of demineralization within the dentin (arrows). (C) A hole is discovered on the side of the tooth at the beginning of decay removal. (D) All decay removed.

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