How to Restore Tooth Enamel? Have you ever heard about tooth enamel? Tooth enamel is a thin and hard outer covering of the tooth. Enamel acts as a strong barrier and plays a very important role in protecting your teeth from damage. Enamel is made up of minerals and can vary in color such as yellow and grayish white in... #CureEnamelErosion, #CureEnamelErosionOvernight, #Enamel, #GetRidOfDamagedToothEnamel, #Gum, #Gums, #RebuildToothEnamel, #RemediesToGetToothEnamel, #Remedi

Tooth enamel is the key of having beautiful and healthy teeth. Find out how to regrow tooth enamel in a natural way at home!

Dentine is very white. It's your tooth enamel that is translucent. This means my translucent teeth were actually trying to show me that my dentine was screaming for nutrients. Dentine uniquely requires vitamin K to produce osteocalcin, which is a protein that organizes calcium and phosphorus deposits into bone for mineralization. So....if you have enough minerals, fat-soluble vitamins and work to maintain an internal pH that is alkaline you can rebuild your teeth.

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6 Benefits of Lemon Water - There are many benefits to lemon water such as detoxifying your body, boosting your metabolism and improving your skin. Here are a few of our favorite ways lemon water can be used to improve your health!

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A new toothpaste that fills all the holes and cracks in the teeth and restore the tooth enamel has been invented by a Japanese researcher.

We believe that brushing our teeth in the morning and before bed time keeps us away from several diseases, but it's not true. Find out how to Remineralize & Regrow Tooth Enamel

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"Cure cavities & repair tooth decay naturally" video at end. 3 Ways to Restore Tooth Enamel - wikiHow

There are many DIY tooth whitening methods, but this one will definitely sweep you off your feet. And, you won’t believe what the magic is all about. Aluminum foil. You first start by mixing baking soda, salt, and water to make a paste. Apply this paste on your teeth then apply a layer of tin foil on top of it. It should cover your teeth. Leave the foil on for one hour, then remove and brush your teeth as usual.

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