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Do you have astigmatism and always wanted to try those colorful circle lenses in the market but very to hard to get? No worry, now we have it in ^.^ ‪#‎CircleLensesForAstigmatism‬ ‪#‎ToricLenses‬


Biofinity Toric Contact Lenses, Buy Biofinity Toric Lenses, Shop online and save over 70% at E2eopticians store.

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9mmsfx offers a number of film-quality custom lenses made to your exact prescription and specifications. They also will make your custom designs - email them for more information.


Bausch & Lomb Soflens daily disposable toric lenses for astigmatism were designed with ComfortMoist™Technology supports all day comfort, designed with a non-ionic material that provides a wettable surface, easier handling for smooth lens removal and less tearing. SofLens Daily Disposable toric contact lenses for astigmatic corrections are designed to reduce spherical aberration which works particularly well in low light conditions and provide wearing comfort and clear vision.

from opticvision


PROCLEAR TORIC 3pack - 30.00€ - Αστιγματικός μαλακός φακός επαφής, κατασκευασμένος από βιομιμητικό υλικό που ενδείκνυται για ξηροφθαλμία και δυσανεξία στους φακούς επαφής.