Life in First Grade: Valentine's Door and Tornadoes!

What a fantastic centerpiece for any Oz inspired event!!

Awesome tornado art/sewing card by Melissa!

how to make a tornado in a jar with this fun science experiment for kids, perfect for homeschooling science! An engaging educational project that will be done with no mess or fuss in 5 minutes! Check it out!

found the original website...still want this in my classroom

Tornado Bottle Weather Science Experiment For Kids

Science Project: 3-D model of a tornado for my Earth Science project. This tornado model was made by me.

Awesome kids science activity! Make a tornado in a jar.

Tornado in a jar; science experiment activity pages

Twisting Tornadoes - Craft, Experiment, Journal Page and More

Tornado Collage - good cross curricular with weather systems - 5th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown

Tornado in a Bottle: Easiest DIY Science Lesson EVER, and other science experiments for little ones

Tornado in a Bottle - Very simple science demonstration for little kids, showing them a vortex.

science experiment activity pages- tornado fact sheet

2nd grade weather - tornadoes

How to Make a Tornado in a Jar! A cool weather science experiment for kids!

After Hurricane Arthur delayed our vacation, my son was curious about what a hurricane was - so I decided to do a little project that would help explain!

Wall visual for natural disasters. Have different facts on sticky notes and they have to go place the fact on the correct disaster. CRM

Weather unit... display tornadoes. We used a black oil pastel and watercolor paint, but it can be done with just a black crayon too!

Tornado pattern. Use the printable outline for crafts, creating stencils, scrapbooking, and more. Free PDF template to download and print at

Wizard of Oz theme

Make a Tornado in a Jar

Tornado Science/Art Project. Kindergarten Faith

Read Otis and the Tornado, then do this Tornado in a Bottle Science Activity to give a hands-on demonstration for how tornados swirl in the sky! It's the perfect activity to pair with this book about wild weather and helping those in need, even if they haven't always been nice!

Tornado coloring page