Tornado Craft

To make a tornado in a jar you will need: ~  A jar ~  water ~  a squirt of dish soap ~  one teaspoon of vinegar ~  food coloring and glitter are optional

Tornado in a Bottle - Very simple science demonstration for little kids, showing them a vortex.

Twisting Tornadoes - Craft, Experiment, Journal Page and More

found the original website...still want this in my classroom

Tornado in a Bottle: Easiest DIY Science Lesson EVER, and other science experiments for little ones

Keeping it simple: two liter bottle whirlpool

How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle from World for Learning - For the best science toys check out

What a great idea for a safe place to hide in case of intruders. You could even set it up so you could lock yourself in if needed.

wizard of oz party ideas - my future little girl will have at least ONE, or two Wizard of Oz parties !!

Water cycle in a cup. Put shaving cream on top of water for clouds. Pour blue food coloring over it to show that when clouds get too heavy, they rain.

Wall visual for natural disasters. Have different facts on sticky notes and they have to go place the fact on the correct disaster. CRM

How to Turn a Glass Bottle into an Electric Tornado Machine « Science Experiments

15 Fun and Educational Activities for Kids #education #crafts #kids

Whatever the Weather unit: Make your own Tornado Simulator

Tornado in a jar... Did this in class with the preschoolers ! They loved it

A kid dressed up as a tornado chasing a kid dressed up as Dorothy - seriously... How hilarious is this?!

This tornado bottle is 1/4 glitter (any color) half water and a little clothes detergent for a nice cloud at the top.

Tornado Collage - good cross curricular with weather systems - 5th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown

After Hurricane Arthur delayed our vacation, my son was curious about what a hurricane was - so I decided to do a little project that would help explain!

tornado in a jar (hmm I might can use this in a Sunday school lessons about the storms of life :) might just keep this in mind lol)

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Bottle Tornado - Educational Activities for Kids #education #crafts #kids

Make a Tornado in a Jar