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This is how I feel when you touch me gorgeous! Every kiss, every touch, every breath on my skin!


Touch me when I don't know how to ask. Just be there. Be there when I need you most


we leave marks on people in more ways than one |


You are an expert at love.,,, you touch me Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually! You're the best kind of lover!


Bahaha! Touch her butt, NOT HER COFFEE.


"Just reach out your hands and touch me, hold me close, don't ever let me go" <3<3<3. DM ready :***. I know Honey, can't wait :****. Love you so much <3<3<3. You are so f'en awesome, the best and you ROCK. You Fuel my fire every day. You better kiss me soon, which I do know you will <3<3<3. I swear, you are my everything and will be, always and forever <3<3<3


via | observando l oooooooh boy!!!!!!!!! i want to lie next to you more importantly and if you want to go all the way.. I leave it up to you.. but the don't understand......... the touch is more important. wow. please touch me. WOW

Touch me with words where your hands can't reach. - m. razon

Sheer bliss are the moment when our lips touch, a feeling I never want to be without. Together is when I hear songs, only our hearts hear. My heart longs to hear the melody of love again. I have only heard it with you...


"One day I just woke up and realized that I can't touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me?" - Steve Maraboli #quote