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Touch Of Death

Death came when Eli was on the brink of dying but she did not take him, nor did she touch him. "What is going on?" James asked. Radley smiled through the tears. "You see? Even Death has a heart." Death frowned. "It is not yet your time," she said to Eli, ignoring the others. "You will live." With that, she was gone.


♛ lowkey just wanna remind all these mules who are sayin that 'dany is gonna go crazy like the mad king and be the main villain of the story' that my homegirl ain't bein no tyrant. she has done some harsh things but only to facilitate freedom & justice in the long run. we all saw in 610 that cersei is the pyromaniac mad evil one, so let's not get too hasty about the khaleesi, eh? jeez ♛


The covered skull represents Ophelia's death. Of course everyone in Elsinore was upset over Ophelia's sudden death, but it seems as if dealing with her death was more of a task than a tragedy. Ophelia's death is business as usual, and it is important for the people of the castle to move on from it.


After losing her fiancé in a helicopter crash in 2012, Sarah Treanor quit her job as a graphic designer to pursue a deeply emotional exploration of grief through photography.


#14 <3 Zavier and Jewels sat quietly as the Hummer cruised slowly through the late night traffic. Jewels glanced to his father, "He'll never allow anything to happen to you. You do realize that?" Jewels said flatly. "Yes. And I will never allow anything to separate us. Not even death itself." Zavier replied barely above a whisper. Jewels huffed softly as he replied, "Death fell in love with you Papa and Hell is just a place where he feels comfortable." <3 rose #rouge


No. 24, Knight of the Black Rose. Also known as the Fool of the Seelie Court. Her unarmored arm is her most lethal weapon, carrying in it the Touch of Death. She alone also can carry and breathe the vapors of the Queen's black roses without being poisoned. Fun loving and theatrical in public, deadly and silent in duels. A poet when alone.