Find out how easy it is to make old towels like new again! Don't buy new towels. Try this first!

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Craft your own non-toxic pre-soaked paper towel cleaning wipes. Homemade cleaning wipes are not only very easy to make and budget-friendly, but they also contain only those cleaning ingredients that you choose. Did you imagine that using some paper towels, vinegar, a liquid dish soap and some alcohol can make your kitchen counters shine and sparkle, that too totally free of harsh chemicals. #diy #cleaning #kitchen #wipes

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The Secret to Fresh-Smelling Towels - how using baking soda and vinegar will give you the cleanest smelling towels ever #laundry #diy #laundrytips

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A Simple Solution For Better Smelling, More Absorbent Towels. Over time, your bath towels will build up detergent and fabric softener residue. This not only attracts SMELLY mildew, it can essentially “waterproof” your towels. If water can’t get into the fabric to clean it, the towel won’t BE or SMELL clean. The GOOD news is that there is a very simple solution for getting rid of the build-up (and thus the SMELL)!

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There is nothing more annoying than cleaning window tracks in my opinion. Do you agree? Not only is it tedious, but it is also rather gross if you put it off like I do And mine are yucky! My apologies there. No worries, however, because I’ve figured out a trick that gets it done quick …

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