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The pressure cooker series: Pulled pork

Things I used when making pulled pork in the Tower Pressure Cooker on Pretty Green Tea UK food blog

Canning Potatoes

Canned Potatoes. These are delicious, especially in the winter.I use them in potato salad, soups, and fry them. We always can some with and without the skins.No more mushy or sprouted potatoes .


Smokin’ Me Out: Getting To Grips with the Tower 6 Litre Digital Pressure Smoker & Multi-Cooker | Tower Housewares Blog

When fast food is mentioned people immediately think of burgers, cold chips and a distinct lack of your ‘5 a day’, but Tower Pressure Cookers are set to revolutionise ‘fast food’ forever. From pot to plate in a flash, Tower pressure cookers lock in all the health benefits of your fresh vegetables, whilst maintaining the juiciness of your chicken and retaining the fluffiness of your rice – the pressure cooking revolution is here, the pressure cooking revolution is NOW.

Use your Tower pressure cooker to brown, boil, steam, braise, stew and roast - it's so versatile and perfect for vegetables, meat, fruits, fish and grains. A large 7 litre capacity means you can fit more of the stuff you love in and the easy-clean cooking pot means there's less time spent washing up after enjoying your culinary creations.