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Favela by Fernando Alan

A favela is the term for a slum in Brazil, most often within urban areas. The first favelas appeared in the late 19th century and were built by soldiers who had nowhere to live. Some of the first settlements were called bairros by Fernando Alan

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Gardening in Texas

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Cora, the first Captain Swan shipper. :D -----> sorry hook, you didn't do that good a job at hiding it

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The Butterfly Finale by Viano Oniomoh. Ember Quinn believes he is content with his life. He’s got Mac; his overweight cat, his job as a security guard at the train station, and the house he’d bought with his hard earned money, and he thinks he doesn’t need anything else. But then one day, part of the Aurora Circus comes to town and sexy, intimidating Pyro sweeps him off his feet with a literal breath of fire. And Ember is suddenly not so content with his life anymore.

Astronomy Picture of the Day for 07 Aug 2013--See Explanation. Moving the cursor over the image will bring up an annotated version. Clicking on the image will bring up the highest resolution version available.

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fistuff* Sylvanian Families Decorated Baby Windmill / House Figures + Lots

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