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How to Build Amazing Shipping Container Homes

This house certainly isn't tiny but I liked it as an example of what a wooden clad container house could potentially look like. It's a really great way of covering up the containers and making it look less industrial and more homely.

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S lidmi, kteří jsou hrubí, můžeme jednat i úplně normálně. Víte jak? #Recreation Therapy Ideas

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The Dear Child manifesto is for anyone (teachers, grands, caregivers, parents) welcoming a child into their spaces. I think of it as a love letter to children. They are precious, deserving, and in big need of our welcoming hearts, always. Though I'm far from perfect, this manifesto is a guide for me as I strive to do my best when it comes to caring for one precious three year old.

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These are so important! ♥ Tony Robbins about the 6 human needs ;

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