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Traditional Cat Toys

5 Cool Alternatives to Cat Trees

We do everything we can to make our feline friends feel at home. They love being able to perch in high places and scratch to their heart’s desire, but cat trees can be cumbersome depending on your space situation. Luckily, eBay has ingenious alternatives every cat lover needs to keep their cats happy and houses looking beautiful.


Nacho the cat loves to play fetch

Nacho is not your average cat. He's been a pro at playing fetch since he was a kitten! He even prefers to play with dog toys that have squeakers in them over traditional cat toys.

Adult (medium) Cat Tree House

Adult (medium) Cat Tree House— 6' high Custom Tree House of wood, cedar, removable carpeting & synthetic silk leaves. Movement, rustling & flexibility when cat climbs. Indoor use only. Real trees are susceptible to humidity. Expect some movement in your Tree as it adapts to its home. Fully assembled w/exception of leaves (pegs show where to insert foilage). Includes: 1 cradle (carpet not removable), 1 16" x 24" box, 1 16" x 16" platform, 1 toy. Dimensions 28" x 19" x 72". Wt 87 lbs…


The ocean is a big top at our house right now. this fun craft uses leftover ribbons and trims to create rickrack jellyfish.


She used 1/2 inch piping and 1 inch strips of calico fabric with a coil basket weaving method to create a shape similar to the traditional Japanese neko chigura cat beds.


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Traditional Candy Cane Organic Catnip Cat Toy

Traditional Candy Cane Organic Catnip Cat Toy by FidoTheCat

Tsuchineko Wagokoro Cat Plush Collection (Ball Chain)

These are sooo cute!!! I especially like the black kitty, Kuro!! <3 Tsuchineko Wagokoro plushies are of fashionable cats wearing collars inspired by traditional Japanese style. Wagokoro is the combination of two Japanese kanji with the meanings of “Japanese style” and “heart.” Fiver versions are available: Kuro (black), Kurobuchi (black and white / cow cat), Chatora (brown tiger / Tabby), Calico, and Russian Blue.