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“A keyhole garden's main advantages are the ability to tend your beds from the one position. You work from within the bed and rotate to access every inch of it. Plus, the bed is raised so you don’t need to get on your knees when conducting your gardening tasks.” “if you were to try and maximise the space used for the square garden beds the best percentage of arable land that you would get would still only be 36%, almost half that of the keyhole garden.” “They are round gardens of about…

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The Do and Do Not's of Traditional Composting Methods versus Composting with Compostio Composters

How Do I Start a Composting Bin?

Composting is Mother Nature's recycling program, a process during which microorganisms found in the soil break down dead plant and animal matter, releasing nutrients and boosting levels of ...

Kompostieren direkt in der Küche mit Bokashi-Eimer

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Tired of dealing with a traditional Compost bin? Get back to basics and give Direct Compost a Try. It's easy and works fast!

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Homemade Compost Bin With a Plastic Garbage Can

A compost bin needn't be some expensive device purchased from a home improvement store or gardening center. Composting is fairly forgiving process -- the composted materials don't mind what ...