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Its your favorite Italian dumpling! Gnocchi varies in every region but this homemade pasta keeps the Italian traditional meals close to home. They are made from semolina wheat flour egg cheese and potato (or similar ingredients) and are famous for their lumpy cork-size shapes that are pressed with a fork or cheese grater to make ridges that hold the sauce. Have you ever tried to make it?

Jamaican Grater cake/ Pink on Top- A traditional snack, made with grated coconut and sugar, perfect for that sweet tooth!

Pasta dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese in metal plate on rustic wooden board with Parmesan cheese grater and fresh basil on grey concrete background top view spaghetti bolognese cooked recipe topview closeup italian pasta cheese food minced meat hot firstcourse ground pepper cuisine basil leaf spice garlic clove dinner meal traditional kitchen parmesan background frame eat raw vegetable tomato wooden onion mince top view herb concrete grey menu wheat noodle metal plate rustic old board grater

An ingenious design, a salad bowl with a spout and garlic grater on the inside. In France, salad dressing is prepared in the salad bowl, (always with garlic) then the salad leaves added on top. The salad can then be mixed when it is ready to be served, which is traditionally after the main dish, but before cheese. Beautifully handcrafted in Gigondas, this bowl will complement both modern and traditional homes, and would make a very special gift. 8 ¾” diameter x 5” high 22cm diameter x 13cm…

from The Petite Cook

Homemade Christmas Food Gifts

Homemade Pesto Pasta Kit - Easy to customize with your favorite pasta ( bronze-died, wholewheat, gluten-free) and pesto sauces (traditional, vegan, dairy-free), to make this awesome kit you’ll need: one small pot for the pesto, one large spaghetti jar, a festive red colander, a cheese grater, some utensils and high-quality extravirgin olive oil. A truly italian feast!

from An Irish Girl Can Cook

Potato Pancakes- (Not healthy at all!)

Every once in awhile I want something that is just plain old bad for me!  So while I was lounging around on Sunday- I saw the local news channel do a segment on potato pancakes.  I haven’t ha…


The Oros Grater is an elegant update for one of Japan’s traditional kitchen tools. In 1540 François Boullier invented a cheese shredder to avoid wasting hard cheese, and ever since then, graters in Europe and the U.S. have remained clunky and sometimes frustratingly difficult to use. Japan’s version of the grater, known as oroshigane, is a tin-coated metal sheet with More »