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How to Create a Traditional Copper Themed 7th Anniversary Gift

This should be the opposite .. the older we get the more expensive the gifts are. We don't want diamonds when we're we want diamonds and gold and gems while we can wear them ... not when we want to wear Jammie's and go to bed at 🙄

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Gratitude Journal Prompts

An attitude of gratitude starts here. Start with this 30 days of gratitude guide to reset your mind and inspire posititvity.

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Reading and writing paperless activities digital notebook for google drive

Reading and Writing Strategies GO Interactive Notebook Google Edition ($) Why use a Go Interactive Notebook? ★Paperless. No printing. No cutting. No glue. ★Students work directly in the file ★Preserve ideas and references ★Improve students' writing ★Infuse technology ★High engagement ★College readiness ★Access anywhere ★Looks like a traditional paper and pencil notebook ★Happy students


Custom Poster size photo with your own words ( Wedding Song, Vows, Story, Poem, Your History Dates etc.) make up on your computer and take to Staples to have printed and mounted in black and white. B/W poster runs about 5 dollars or less

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Asian Koi Art Poster Print Japanese Carp Fish

Asian Koi Art Poster Print Japanese Carp Fish. Fish is one of the lucky animals to many Asian. people who practice FengShui often believe that fish can bring the good fortune and it's also the symbol of success. Fish means wealth to many Chinese and it often comes in one solo fish, two fishes or nine fishes in Chinese painting.


Krzysztof Iwański, born 6h March 1985 is involved in poster art, screen printing and painting. The artist’s works are spontaneity and dynamism linked with striving for harmony and orderliness. The artist oscillates between stylistics deriving from Neo-Plasticism, Constructivism as well as influences stemming from the tradition of Bauhaus.As for the form, the artist, similarly to other constructivists, distances himself from realistic presentation in favour of more abstract, geometric…


When I was a child, we would go to the San Diego Zoo very often. The first thing we would see, when we walked in, was the flamingos and their beautiful grey babies. It became a sort of tradition and they remind me of good times growing up ♥ Vivayne

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Asian Tiger Art Poster Print Wall Decor

Asian Tiger Art Poster Print from TigerHouseArt on ETSY


Glogster EDU connects teachers to their students with Web 2.0 multi-sensory learning experiences that can be easily integrated into traditionally text-oriented subjects. Glogster is a tool that allows users to create posters to express information. They are multi-media posters that can include text, images, and video. Students will also love to create their own glogs! Instead of printing our pictures and messing with scissors and glue, images and video can be added right to their glogs…