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Most cultures make different versions of beef stew, and I can understand why it’s such a favorite. There’s something so comforting about taking a bite of succulent, tender chunks of beef. There’s nothing more Russian than adding onions and carrots to everything, and the addition of garlic and tomato paste brings a depth of amazing flavor. The delicate sauce... Read More »

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"Borsch" - is the famous soup in many Russian families, as well as many Eastern and Central European countries.

Tvorog is a very popular and nutritious dairy product that is very similar to western cottage cheese, though most Russians will swear by tvorog. Similarly to cottage cheese, th…

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A look at the traditional Russian breakfast featuring two types of pancakes, porridge (kasha), sandwiches (buterbrody) and tea with cookies! |

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Traditional Russian pork kebabs (shashlik) with simple marinade. Detailed tips for juicy, tender kebabs are included.

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