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Environmental print symbol printables. I think I'd leave out the unhealthy fast food symbols and focus more on traffic signs. The railroad crossing sign is especially cool!


Road Signs with Magnets, Traffic Symbols, Play for Magnetic Chalkboard, Eco Toys, Gift Idea for Boys, Painted Beach Pebbles, Sea Stones

via Craftgawker If you have magnetic chalkboard, you can draw the streets on it and start to play. You can also put another magnet behind the chalkboard on the place where the car is and so... now you can "drive" the car with magnet help.


Life Skills Safety Signs Meanings Activity now with more signs

Try this helpful resource for students to learn the meanings of signs they see in the community and on the street. There are 21 safety/traffic/community signs, each with two symbols to choose from to represent the correct action or meaning. I work with a number of middle and high school students who are learning to recognize and understand safety and traffic signs.$


Really simple idea to learn about colors, easy measurement for symbolic thinking, and good jumping point for talking about where and when we should walk, stop, or show down.


LGBT Pedestrian traffic light symbols in use in London

Great for teaching my son important signs. I can have these with me when we go for walks so I can show him the sign on the stick and the real life sign (so he can associate them) then at home practice "stop" or others by taking them out and having him do what he's supposed to do when faced with the real life sign.