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Trait monsters

Halloween greeting.

*"What's up?" monster greets me with a nod of its four heads. "'Sup," I say. We both stop to look at each other. "Good night, ain't it?"It says. "I guess...if you're into that sort of thing." "Who doesn't love some trick or treaters?" I snort and shake my head. "People. People don't like people," I say. "'Nways, I like your heads." "Family trait." "Neat. Guess they can't tell the four eyes joke to you." The monster erupted in laughter and I started to walk away with a grin.


Monsters (Learning About Character Traits)

This is a fun unit on Character traits. Your students will identify character traits of different monsters. They will have to infer based on the details that are given for each character. This is good practice because students will be required to identify character traits in texts and they need a background on what character traits are and how to identify them.First read the monster posters to your students and display them where your students can see them.


Geometric monsters / art lesson / special education / pre school/kindergarten - interactive lesson // Students chose strands of hair based on number of letters in name, body shape based on boy/girl etc you can choose whatever criteria you want to make this lesson fun for them // a focus on daily living, listening and fine motor skills // elements of art - shape, color


End of the Year Awards – Monster Themed

END OF THE YEAR AWARDS: These fun Monster Themed Awards are designed to help you celebrate your students’ accomplishments. 36 award templates divided into three categories: School Subjects, Character Traits, and Admirable Behavior. For Grades 1-6 & Homeschool. $


Genetics in the STEM Lab!

Monster Genetics in the STEM lab! STEM activities for Kids - Upper elementary dominant and recessive trait activity.


"He hasn't been the same since Zeldek got into his head. It's almost like he's a ghost..." Hamish muses. "He is a ghost." Briella replies. "He's a dark monster with the ghost of the good man he once was trapped inside of it. He has to let it out."