Trans gender

God's opinion and yours is really the only one that matters. And he loves us all no matter what.

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You can be whatever you want to be, that's your right. Everybody has the right to live their own lives & be happy. But don't make stuff up. There's an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. Boy/Girl. And then the gender that one chooses to be. The end.

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Terms to Know Trans: an inclusive term that includes all who are transgender, non-binary, or otherwise gender-nonconforming Cis/Cisgender: someone who is not trans AMAB: Assigned male at birth &#82…

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I'm agender, but I really don't mind being called or looking like a girl. I have been called a girl all my life and I will dress in whatever way makes me happy.

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and the one who aren't stereotypically feminine are pressured to be, even by supposed supporters who "just want to make sure they aren't misgendered" and whatnot.

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