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I actually always imagine myself (a female) having a male body and I'm pretty sure I don't even get close to what a transgender person feels.

from BuzzFeed

This Trans Singer Isn't Taking Hormones — But That Doesn't Make Him Less Of A Man

"I know who I am, and I don't need other people to know who I am to feel valid." With a new album and a new perspective, Ryan Cassata — who came out as trans at 15 on live television — ha...


Its really funny because i was thinking about my sexuality snd how no one would love me and i scroll through pinterest to find this and it made me laugh and smile


for the queer kids who don't know their identity, they just know they're not straight and wish it were different. to all the LGBT+ kids who will grow up with this president thinking they're evil. To the gay men, the trans men, the men who know this will end badly. to the women who he abused and harassed, who now see that they are even more worthless. to everyone who feels unsafe, hurt, worried, or anxious, we'll get through this


I honestly love this. Lemme know when it happens so I can change my pinterest board and everything

from The Huffington Post

Trans Man Finds Brilliant Way To Let Women Know Why He’s Using Their Restroom

"The irony in all this is that I learned as much as she did. We truly all do better when we all do better."