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Transformation Biology

Emily Rigney, a fourth-year art and biology student at VIU, has created replicas of jellyfish made from discarded water bottles and garbage ...


Throughout his career, #MoholyNagy created works of an explicitly historical or autobiographical nature. "Leuk 4," completed the year before the Moholy's death from leukemia, poignantly evokes the artist's illness through numerous images of cancer cells. Reference can also be made to Moholy's former Bauhaus colleague Kandinsky—also concerned with rebirth and transformation—whose paintings team amoebic creatures and biological images culled from scientific literature. László Moholy-Nagy…

from Raincoast Studio

Sketchbook Skool Bootkamp

process - process of time decay of an apple over a period of time


The Seeds That Sowed a Revolution Galapagos Finches are famous, yet Darwin learned more about evolution from the plants.


cactus: native israelis are called tsabarim or tsabra which is a cactus. (sweet on the inside)


Exciting news! We treated some of our newly planted London Plane trees with a compost tea application and applied over 1000 gallons of LBAs (Liquid Biological Amendments). Another great step towards facilitating a sustainable environment in this progressing landscape. #sustainability #organic #londonplanetree #nationalparkservice #stlouisarch #composttea #800trees #missouri #tree #care #LBAs #management #arch #cityarchriver #projects #collaboration #ecological #success #transformational…


AUSL improves student achievement in chronically failing schools, through its disciplined transformation process, built on a foundation of specially trained teachers.AUSL seeks talented, committed individuals who are passionate about urban education for the Chicago Teacher Residency, a post-grad program. Recruiting:Applied Math, Biological Sciences, Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Secondary, Special Education, English Lit, Exercise Science, Spanish, Studio Arts, Biology, English


Aztec Three Faced Mask. c1300AD... "The three faces depict three phases in which human time. The central face is jovial and full of the vigor of youth, referring to the time when individuals are during their most productive in a society. The exterior mask has closed eyes, alluding to the opposite phase, death. In between is a period of no less importance, the state that arrives with experience: old age."