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The Gender Spectrum | Teaching Tolerance- Teachers need to be responsible for creating a safe environment by not putting up with teasing or rude comments. Even if it's not directed at someone. Just the phrase "that's so gay!" should be put to an end.....

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INFOGRAPHIC: One Of The Biggest Challenges Facing LGBT People Isn't Marriage Equality

INFOGRAPHIC: One Of The Biggest Challenges Facing Gay People Isn't Marriage Equality

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We need to be aware and sensitive to the issues these students face. We cannot turn away from these students who are bullied and struggling. Information about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) youth and their stuggles, especially in their pre-college years. -RS

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I support LGBTA youth and will speak out against homophobia, transphobia, and bullying.

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LGBTQ-Friendly YA Novels Get Award Nods, But Are They Getting a Crossover Audience?

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Leelah wanted her death to mean something. Let's make sure it does. Support Leelah's Law to help end abusive conversion "therapy" of LGBTQ+ youth.

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Even if I don't agree with someone, it gives me no right to take away their personal freedoms. I don't have to understand them, I just have to let them live their life while I live mine. I'm for rights for all people, not just the ones I like.

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Me: dysphoria is the worst ugh. Cis person: omg yeah I know right? I have that all the time. Me: .... ✋stop ~Ashley

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