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15 Words You Cannot Translate Into English

I want to start using the word "tartle". And, um, "duende" means "dwarf". I mean, it could mean the other thing too, but I've only heard it used to mean "dwarf".

Emptied Gestures Physical Movement Translated into Symmetrical Charcoal Drawings by Heather Hansen

Handbuilding with slabs and templates can help you understand how flat shapes translate into three-dimensional form, make repeating forms, or find entirely new forms by combining differently shaped components. Sandi Pierantozzi has designed a pack of 24 circle-based templates that are designed to help potters find their own forms using conical shapes as building blocks. …

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Protein Synthesis Scavenger Hunt Activity

A protein synthesis activity to help students master transcription and translation. The students will be given clues written as DNA that they must transcribe and translate into sentences, using the included genetic code. This code will translate their mRNA into sentences, instead of proteins, and these sentences will tell them where to find the next clue hidden in your classroom. Love getting my students out of their seats and moving around my biology classroom!

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Tips for Learning with Eric Carle Books

This post is sponsored by The World of Eric Carle   Eric Carle is a name that shouts childhood and imagination! The Very Hungry Caterpillar, has won the hearts of millions of children all over the world and has been translated into more than 30 languages. Eric Carle has illustrated more than seventy books, many …


Artist Brenda Lyons seems to have a fascination with birds. Luckily for us this seems to translate into beautiful artwork like “Protect Me”, featured above. “Protect Me” by Brenda Lyons, via DeviantArt:


Pop songs translated into Shakespeare. It would be fun to give students a bunch of these and have them match them or translate them and then have them take a stab at turning a song they like into a sonnet. A good fun way to teach students iambic pentameter and the structure of sonnets. jj