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So many tutorials of inkjet image transfer. Most of them make it seem far too difficult. Am I understanding this right? Print a reverse image onto a transparency, tape it to a slightly damp surface and rub with a spoon? Cover with non-water based sealant? That easy?

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Computer-Printable Transparent Plastic Sheets

David Spriggs paints in three dimensions. His work is composed of acrylic paint and transparent plastic sheets spaced out and viewed through the built up layers. Here, you can see abstract shapes, patterns, and galaxies that appear to magically glow and hover in place.

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Shrink plastic portraits - by Craft & Creativity If you can trace/copy it onto shrink plastic sheet then you can do a project with it. Cool!

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Butterfly Chandelier: Round lamp shade frame w/2 circles Decorative chain Scissors Pliers Spray paint Silver wire Transparent plastic sheet 1.Spray frame w/spray paint - let dry. 2.Pick image you want to use. 3.Trace image onto plastic sheet for as many as you wish and cut out. 5.Spray some with spray paint and let dry. 6.Cut decorative chain for each image 10 cm long. 7.Add some beads to the chain to add sparkle. 8.Attach chain to butterfly with the wire and then to the…

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