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Area of a Trapezium: GCSE Maths Question of the Week - YouTube

Calculus: Optimization Problem; Maximizing the area of an Isosceles Trapezoid

Perimeter and Area of Triangles, Trapezoids, and Parallelograms TEKS 6.8D

TEKS 6.8D - A puzzle that requires students to match the triangle, trapezoid, or parallelogram with the perimeter, area, and word problem that match given dimensions. There are 5 problems for each shape for a total of 15 puzzles. Dimensions are in decimals, fractions with unlike denominators, and a mix of decimal and fractions.

Area and Perimeter of a Trapezoid.

Applying Area and Perimeter Formulas

Areas of Triumphant Triangles and Quality Quadrilaterals

Here we present students with formulas to solve for AREAS of Triangles and Quadrilaterals; specifically,triangles, rectangles, rhombus', squares, trapezoids, and kites are in focus. Examples are offered and the steps to solve are listed and worked out, Students should be well prepared to tackle any assignments in solving for area.

Great idea for a center! Classroom Organization: Listening Center or Small Group Work area idea. If only I had desks...I do have one small rectangle table...or my trapezoids...hmmm.


Christmas Math Activites for Middle School Math

Six different Christmas math activities for middle school math. Make before Christmas prep easy with these print and go activities! Includes 6 different review topics: Fraction Decimal Percent--Equivalent Numbers Ratio and Proportions Integer Operations Area of polygons--rectangles, squares, trapezoids, parallelogram Balance a Checkbook Graphing in 4 Quadrants