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A couple from Nebraska bought this 1960's trailer and remodelled it into a home to travel the country in.

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How To Transform An Old Van Into A Cool Mobile Home

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Moon Dragon Tiny House By Zyl Wardos Is Out-of-This-World Imaginative

A lot of tiny houses are amazing for reasons of simple practicality—they manage to make such effective use of space that we are blown away by their cleverness. But other tiny houses amaze us because they are architectural gems. One such house I want to share with you now is “Moon Dragon,” a creation by tiny house architect Zyl Vardos.

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Lina Menard’s Lucky Penny Tiny House Looks Like a Fairytale Caravan!

You know those cute little gypsy caravans that you see in fantasy shows and movies, parked in the woods? Lina Menard’s “Lucky Penny” trailer in Portland, Oregon, is the real deal! Lina’s trailer is parked in a community dedicated to tiny house living. There are some lovely houses you can see parked around hers, but the “Lucky Penny” definitely stands out with its warm, welcoming, fairytale charm!

This camper van conversion is one of the most impressive stories we've come across! Why? Because it's not just about an old van converted into a camper. It's also about a story of a young man who bravely stripped his good but ordinary way of life down to the basics and built the adventurous world he dreamed of living! Read the story and have a look at its cosy interior by heading over to our site :)