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from xoJane

Travel Outfits That Are Both Comfy and Cute? Easy!

Vacations are wonderful things, but the actual travel part can be a total pain if you’re not wearing the right clothing.

tip for travel packing: make a spreadsheet - the Levo League | I totally spreadsheet my trips. I started ~3 yrs ago & it's awesome. Plus, you can see what you packed in the past if you went on a similar trip, and you can make notes on what outfits didn't work & what you ended up not wearing (or wishing you had brought)


9 Genius Items Every Female Carry-On Traveller Should Have

Travelling with only carry-on has plenty of pros: you never have to lug around loads of weight, you never have to pay extra for luggage, you don't have to wait around at the carousel for your luggage to arrive or...