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Norwich Castle Museum set to acquire 'curious' treasure

An ancient Roman gold earring disc decorated with a scorpion, phallus, snake and crab, whose symbolic meaning is unknown; discovered in Keswick, near Norwich, England. (BBC News)


German folklore, the Weisse Frauen (meaning White Women) are elven-like spirits that may have derived from Germanic paganism in the form of legends of light elves (Old Norse: Ljósálfar). They are described as beautiful and enchanted creatures who appear at noon and can be seen sitting in the sunshine brushing their hair or bathing in a brook. They may be guarding treasure or haunting castles. They entreat mortals to break their spell, but this is always unsuccessful. The mythology dates back…


Ancient Deities; Chantico,Chantico, meaning ‘she who dwells in the house’, is the Aztec goddess of the hearth fires, personal treasures, and volcanoes. Rather protective of her possessions, there are many legends regarding what Chantico does to people and gods alike who take her things. She wears a crown of poisonous cactus spines and can take the form of a red serpent.


This piece of Ancient Egyptian jewelry is a rebus pectoral scarab worn by King Tut-ankh-amun from Thebes. It symbolizes the birth of the moon and the sun and was part of the king's coronation regalia.

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The Uses of Enchantment (The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales)

My choice for May: a book that intimidates me: (it could also be a book I've been meaning to read, own but have never read or should have read in school)