Tree stumps for sale

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Rustic wedding wood stumps for sale!! They were great for lining the aisle during our outdoor ceremony, and we would love for someone else to get some use out of them as well!! :-)

There are a variety of decor items you can make from sawed-off tree stumps, including bookends, candlesticks or picture display pieces. You can also seal tree stumps and place them in your home or garden as extra seating. Seal tree stumps after they've dried for several days to avoid rotting. Purchase wood sealant at hardware or home improvement...

Three fake tree stumps for sale are molded by Commercial Silk Int'l. The tree stumps, although artificial, are incredibly realistic and can be used for display props or in artificial habitats. We also manufacture fake tree trunks and logs.

Novelty Studio Art Desktop Paper Weight - Chopper & Tree Stump - For Sale £14.50 on eBid United Kingdom

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This is the closest I could find to my dream tree trunk table. I'm not in love with it. I've seen better, and the chairs suck, but you get the idea lol.

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Wood stump coffee table w stainless steel legs!!! - Winnipeg Furniture For Sale - Kijiji Winnipeg Canada.

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Rustic tree slice sign hand painted compass by TheHipsterHousewife (would be cool if done with a wood burner also)

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