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Royal Empress Tree (paulownia tomentosa) can grow more than five feet per year, until it reaches it's full height. In the spring the tree explodes with rich lavender flowers that look similar to orchids, and smell like jasmine. The tree grows as far north as Canada and as far south as Mexico.

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Instead of Planting Flowers, These Homeowners Did something Brilliant


Big Bonsai tree with wonderful purple flowers, not entirely sure about the tree species though, perhaps a Jacaranda? Photo by Thang Tran. #bonsai #bonsaitree


Coppice lots are a traditional agroforest system of Europe, where trees are cut in the dormant season and resprout with multiple stems in Spring. They are traditionally food forest systems as well, growing mushrooms, berries, tubers and forage for animals. Due to the open canopy of a coppice lot, they are known for their beautiful array of Spring flowers.


Chaste #Tree is one of only a handful of winter-hardy trees that blooms with true-blue #flower spikes all summer long. You will be hard-pressed to find a more spectacularly beautiful #plant with more outstanding qualities. Your Chaste Tree has handsome and aromatic green foliage with a decidedly silvery cast. Then, as summer heats up, your Chaste Tree will astound you with its impressive blue spikes that bloom right up until #autumn.