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from Mad World News

Unbelievable Trending Hashtag Shows Just How Fed-Up Voters Are With Hillary

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from NaturallyCurly

Why #BornAndMade is the #1 Trending Hashtag Right Now

is a new movement that encourages every girl to be who they were truly born and made to be.

BREAKING : Trending Hashtag #FollowTheMoney Is Totally Exposing Hillary’s Corruption and it’s Too Late to Stop It – TruthFeed

Hillary gets DESTROYED on Social Media in Response to ATTACKING Bernie Supporters With Trending Hashtag #BasementDwellers – TruthFeed

from Teen Vogue

Why the Trending #LoudBlackGirls Hashtag Is Pure #BlackGirlMagic

Find out why black women are embracing being called loud, black girls with the trending hashtag,