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How to Cut a Tri Tip Roast

Tri tip in convection oven


Directions for Cooking a Tri-Tip Roast in the Oven

Tri-tip is a cut of beef full of flavor. It is the tender, triangle roast that comes from just in front of the hind quarters. You might have to ask your butcher for tri-tip cuts. Because there are only two per cow, they are not as abundant as other beef cuts. The fat content in the tri-tip ensures that it remains very tender through grilling and...

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Argentine Grilled Tri-Tip

Love Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip. This sounds good too. A recipe for Tri-tip grilled for a smoky char after a quick marinade in olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and lemon.

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Hoisin-Marinated Tri-Tip Roast

What's tri-tip? A flavorful cut of beef that's excellent cooked medium rare and sliced against the grain. Whether grilled Santa Maria barbecue style or marinated and oven-roasted, Chowhounds love this versatile cut.


Slow cooked tri-tip. At first I was a little concerned about wasting a good cut of tri-tip in a slow-cooker. No regrets - I made this for dinner last night and it was AMAZING!